Bryce's Faith.

I am far from perfect nor would I ever want to be perfect.  I am not always as committed to my own spirituality as I should be; however, I never idly stand by and allow others to trample anything that I believe.  One such area is my faith in Jesus Christ.  Now, if this is the point where you start uttering obscene words about my spiritual beliefs -- this is a good time for you to click the "X" in the upper right hand corner of this screen.  If, on the other hand, you are mature enough and open-minded -- then please take the time to read what I spent a great amount of time contemplating and writing.  The most important thing you can know is that all of this comes directly from my heart and my own experiences.


In Defense of  the TRUE Christian Faith

Perhaps the first area that requires my most immediate attention is the idea that the religious-right is the best example of what being a Christian is all about.  Hardly.  The true Christian faith is based upon the life, teachings and examples of Jesus Christ.  Do these so-called keepers of the Christian faith really base the bulk of what they believe in what Jesus had to say?  After all, Jesus had but one message while He was here on earth: LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  The key, ultimately, is loving everyone unconditionally.  And these so-called Christians -- Protestants and Catholics alike -- have a very long way to go before they truly grasp, comprehend and appreciate what Jesus did on the cross so many centuries ago.

The lyrics to a great song by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS says, "...You can't shake the hand of the devil and say you're only pretending..."  And this is what these so-called Christians do when they spew their hatred out against people they say are not normal.  Jesus would have never stood behind any of these people and held their coats as they picked up rocks and stones to kill us in the name of their RELIGION.

There are only a handful of people who can truly say they are true Christians because they have reached that level of knowing, understanding and realizing that what Jesus did on the cross was because of His unconditional love for every single person that will have ever trod upon this planet.  His life was His love and He gave it away ... it is, indeed, a gift - a free gift.  Jesus never had any rules, traditions or hatred for anyone -- what He did have was unconditional love and when He spoke with Martha it was obvious that everyone was included in His plan ... "Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life.  Those who believe in me will have life even if they die. And everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. Martha, do you believe this?" - John 11: 25-26.  I think that scripture from the original Hebrew text translated into English says it all. 

The only comfort I have in this battle with the religious right is that one day they will have to answer to Jesus Christ - they will have to defend their use of Jesus' name for the purpose of HATE.  And if you think for one moment that they stand any chance of winning one single point on that issue -- you are tragically mistaken. 

So, before anyone starts rolling all Christians up into one big lot -- it's important that you take the time to realize that the majority of those using Jesus' name are merely religious and not following the examples of the first true Christian - the founder Himself, Jesus Christ.

My Basic Spiritual Beliefs

First and foremost, I believe in God who is the Father and Creator of the universe as I know it; I believe that Jesus Christ, His Son, was the incarnation of God on this planet and I believe that the Holy Spirit is the literal presence of God in this world and those who have a true understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Second, I believe that Christians should worship in a manner in which they are able to give praise, time, tithes and gifts not only to each other, but to the world at every level possible.

Third, I believe that everyone sins on a daily basis and that God does not categorize sin.  He does not see it as "black and white" - a sin is a sin is a sin no matter what it might be.  I believe that because of Jesus' death on the cross that sins are forgiven when we earnestly seek forgiveness through prayer and habit.

Fourth, I believe that those who believe in Jesus Christ - who have made a commitment to having seeking Him within their lives will have everlasting life upon their death.

Fifth, I recognize the original Hebrew translation as the true word of God and that the Greek translations of the Hebrew text remains true to the original text.  I recognize some English translations of the the Hebrew and Greek texts; however, I do not accept the King James Version as a translation that is acceptable because of the blatant mistranslations that are obvious to so many theologians today based upon the original Hebrew and Greek texts.  The KJV is a disgrace to what God intended the Word to be within in the lives of the believers.

Sixth, I accept the APOSTLES' CREED as a true standard of my basis spiritual beliefs.

Seventh, I believe that once you have committed your life to Christ -- that you cannot lose His love nor His mercy for any reason.  The Word of God says that those who are blasphemous and take the Mark of the Beast '666' will not inherit the Kingdom of God and I believe this as well; however, I believe that anyone who would take part in either of these activities never had a true understanding of Jesus Christ or a personal relationship with Him at any level.

Specific Beliefs

Heaven - A place that is reserved for those who truly have grasped the life, lessons and meaning of the Cross as it relates to Jesus Christ.

Hell - the literal separation of man from God.  To not be in the presence of God at any level.  Also, the place in which those who did not know the ONE, TRUE God and accept the gift of His Son's unconditional love upon the Cross.

The Trinity - the liturgical name given to God, The Father; His Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  These three make up the Trinity.

The Virgin Birth - recognizing that Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, was chosen by God to cradle, within her womb, the one last hope for mankind and our transgressions.  I believe that Mary was a virgin when the presence of God overcame her and she was blessed with the conception of Jesus Christ.

Resurrection - I believe that Jesus died upon the Cross knowing that the blood shed would cover the transgressions of those who believe in God, The Father and that while in death that He was in hell bearing the punishment for our sins.

Confession - I believe that confession is a personal matter taken directly to God through prayer and not by confession in a booth to another human being.

Salvation - the act of understanding, grasping and receiving the true faith that Christ taught about by professing your commitment to Him publicly, if possible, and by living your life in such a way that others will know there is something different about you.

The Church - the one true Church is the fellowship of true Christians who have a complete understanding of the love of Jesus Christ and that it is unconditional with no boundaries set upon it via rules and traditions of religious people or religious organizations.  I do not believe the Roman Catholic Church is the one true church nor do I believe that they or any religious body have exclusive control or possession of the church authorized by Jesus Christ.

Baptism - I believe that this is purely symbolic as a means of showing the old life is being buried and the new life being resurrected by full immersion and by sprinkling, the mere sign of one's conviction to commit themselves to the message and examples of Jesus Christ.

Communion, Eucharist - I believe that this is purely symbolic as a means of showing publicly our understanding that Jesus died on a cross to bear our transgressions.  The bread representing His body and the breaking of that bread the symbol of His giving up His life on the cross and the red wine representing the blood shed on our behalf on the Cross.

Inheritance - I believe that only those who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven after their deaths.  I believe that God - Jehovah - is the one true God who is responsible for the creation of the Universe at all levels.  I believe that only those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will inherit heaven and all others will be banished to hell for eternity. 

Lucifer - an angel who lead a rebellion against God in heaven and was cast out of Heaven along with one-third of the angels.  Lucifer, also known as the Devil or Satan, was loosed upon the earth to reign freely.  It is his job to keep as many people from the one true faith at all costs and through lies, deceit, hatred and violence.  Anyone who does not truly recognize Jesus Christ on a personal level will be sent to remain for eternity with Lucifer.

Sin - a habitual act or acts that separate us from God on a daily basis.  I believe through the teachings of Christ, that all of mankind is tempted by the same sins and that everyone must be held accountable for their participation in sins that are not in accordance to the teachings of Christ.  The God I worship is a fair God and He would not send temptations to select members of the human race and not to others.  Therefore, sin must be something that can fall upon all of mankind in a equal manner for it to be considered a sin.


Whether you agree with me or not ... the basis of my spirituality is through research of the original Hebrew and Greek texts of the Word of God; research of the Roman Records in Rome seeking true information about the life of Christ and my own personal peace made with God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Of any faith that exists on this planet, the true Christian faith as I know it through my research and practice is the only that teaches love at all levels and seeks to heal through that same love. 

I respect all in their right to believe as they do; however, I do not accept their teachings of hatred, violence as a means of inheriting the afterlife that they seek.  Which translates that I do not believe they are worshipping the one true God.  Although I do not accept their beliefs - it does not mean I do not wish to know them at a personal level - it just means I do not accept their faith as it is presented.  And although most of those who believe, as such, would refuse to seek friendship with me, I demand the same respect for my beliefs as I give to them.