Life Lessons.

Life lessons are often really not something anyone looks forward to but they come in two ways: expected and unexpected. Since 2021, I’ve been looking for a house and the market exploded in early 2022 … with houses being INSANELY overpriced in the Tampa Bay area. Like $120,000 to $150,000 more than what they were worth. That trend continues. I wish I could say that I had found something for the puppies and me, but no such luck. :::LeSigh:::

So, I began the serious search for another place to lease in late December and into late February it was apparent that the greed of apartment communities was meant for EVERYONE to see. I’ve never seen such over-the-top and insane prices for apartments.

My anxiety went through the roof knowing I had a deadline of 22 May to find somewhere to live. The cheapest I could find — close to where I was living was $1585 for 500 sf … I was living in a 950 sf (living area not including my lanai and closet spaces) for $1310. The management team, where I was living, wanted me to stay there, but the cost would have gone up to $1830. No way my teacher salary could swing that!

Spring break came – 13 – 17 March with the 14th being the scheduled procedure to remove the bone tumour (which was successful!) — but on that same day while recovering at the parental units, I found an apartment for $1399 – 750 sf. The only problem — it was 38 miles away from where I was living. I looked back over the list of places that I had been to and knew I’d never find a place where I was at and the next day took a tour – was shocked at the size (200 sf is a lot of space to lose!), but neverthless – signed the lease.

And in nine days packed a decade+ of stuff and on 24 March — the big move took place, but not everything got packed as I was overwhelmed multiple times during that nine days. In the end, I had to travel back through 30 March to finish the purging and packing … and 47 – 42 gallon contractor bags later and multiple trips to the compactor, I turned in my keys. It was bittersweet.

The hardest part was watching Alexa and Bull see the only world they knew being “torn” apart by a move that had to happen. I think I cried more about that than the stress keeping my anxiety in overdrive for days. In the end, the purging (with a few regrets of things I trashed because I was so over it) was good for my soul and now that we’re settled (almost), I can say that 750 sf is super cozy, stupid easy to keep clean and it’s quiet.

The life lesson? On, 16 April my Mum called and I knew – immediately – something was not right. My Dad was taken from an Urgent Care to the ER. Before this move, I was 1 h 20 m (on a good day of traffic from them) and now, I am 30 m from them and just 18 m from the hospital where he was taken. He spent 12 days there … and I was able to go often to relieve my Mum since she was staying at hospital. He came home on Friday, 28 April.

There was a reason for this place to just be there and to be what I needed – even though it didn’t seem like it at the time. I told my Mum, earlier today, that I was angry that I was having to move 38 miles from everything and everyone that was familiar to me … but now, I’m content and knowing I could be closer to my parents just helped me settle a bit more.

God always has a plan and it always happens even when you fight it. You usually don’t know why until a situation happens.

Here’s to life lessons –

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