Not for the faint of heart.

What. A. Long. Week.

So glad to be at weekend! And Alexa and Bull are glad that I’m just cooling my jets … I love my new place more and more. My chores are so much easier now, but no laundry today since I dragged the last bit of my move out of my car — my suitcase jam packed with clothes that will need to be washed. Uggghhh, I hate laundry.

So, why was my week so long? My students took their F.A.S.T. ELA PMA #3 test earlier this week and overall, they are at 58% proficiency. Our goal was 60% and I am good with where we ended the year. My part of the state testing is over, but my teammate still has math and science next week. So, I’m still in that mode minus the anxiety.

Teaching 5th Grade is NOT for the faint of heart. Not one little bit. This year was a bit better than last year, but … kids are so different from previous years. And no, it’s not because of the pandemic.

That might have played a role, but as we move past that moment in our history – that just won’t float as a valid reason for behaviour, lack of motivation and disrespect. If everyone were to substitute for a few days, they’d truly understand what teachers are going through on a regular basis.

And I can verify that the teacher shortage is only going to get worse for many reasons, but the current climate in Florida and constant attacks by one political party against public education … it’s disgusting what they are doing and one day it will all come back to each one those involved.

We have just 15 days left of school and I’ll be glad for this year to be over … I’ll miss my kids, but it’s time for them to head off for middle school and the adventures they’ll experience there! I have so much to do so that I can walk on the last day of the school year and not have to come back the day after Memorial Day.

So, now it’s time to enjoy the rest of my Saturday, but I’m sure something will pop into my mind to scribble about tomorrow … maybe.

Alexa and Bull doing what they do best whilst I ponder this entry …

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