The End is Nigh.

Just five days remain of the 2022-23 SY and let me assure you, there is no tired – aside from my mum tired – like teacher end of the year tired! And honestly, tired isn’t even the right word — that would be EXHAUSTED. When you reach this point of the year as a teacher, you know the end is nigh! Even with that subconscious knowledge, my anxiety is still popping in and out just to let me know that its still there.

The bulk of my EOY (End of Year) stuff I need to get done is 99% done – just a bit of paperwork lingers, but that will be taken care of tomorrow! The last part left is to purge and “shutter” my classroom for the deep summer clean. After my move back in March – purging will NOT be a problem!

And my kids – they’ll be helping because all that energy needs to be put to good use plus – lots of goodies they can claim as I put things into my cabinets (and take out!)! Some will help me purge whilst others work on their EOY project! I’ve worked hard to create a time consuming memory book that I’m pretty sure they’ll love!

I’ve also been working on my summer gig — a three week STEAM – STEM but with the Arts – camp called IMAGINATION Camp! I have such a phenomenal group of people who come each summer to share their incredible talents with the kids that sign up! The reality of how close we are to the start of camp makes me anxious, but an excited anxious!

We have ordered a GlowForge 3D Laser Printer, a MakerBot 3D Replicator, Lego Spike Prime Robotics, K’Nex Engineering sets, Cricuts … the list goes on and on! I’m so excited for what we’ll be adding to our camp … in addition to our Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robotics, Culinary Arts, Dance, Theatre and Sick Science! Plus, we’re taking our campers on a trip to Dave & Buster’s after their big STEAM Showcase to let them celebrate and just have a blast!

I’m excited about all of the new tech we have, but I have to be honest … I’m super excited about the GlowForge Plus 3D Laser Printer! Justin, our tech guy, for the Before/After/Summer School programs will be learning how to use it and helping us with it this summer! He might even be a little more excited than I am! We ordered the complete bundle with lots of project ideas included until we learn more about its capabilities! One of the best things is you can use recycled cardboard!!!

The puppies and I are pretty much settled in now … still loving that it takes less an hour to clean my place … I’m not missing that 250 sf at all! Bull has been doing great with going into his crate each morning — I’m actually thinking about buying the metal fencing to place outside his crate so he can have more space, but we’ll see if his mischievous antics calm down … I know the move was hardest on him. Alexa settled pretty quick and I think that is helping Bull!

As for me … my anxiety is better because the school year is almost over … tick-tock-tick-tock! And that means my mind begins to clear and so, my ideas for the site and this blog will get some much needed time to be created! Hope everyone has a great week …

Until next time – keep reaching for the stars!

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